About Training Tuesdays

At the PetSafe Village Spa and Resort, we offer luxury boarding accommodations, professional grooming services, doggie day camp, and elite training experiences. This blog is written with a training focus by PetSafe trainer Mike Shafer.

The Petsafe Village is operated in conjunction with Radio Systems Corporation, maker of the PetSafe Brand, which leads the industry in the development of innovative pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle product solutions. PetSafe provides containment systems, bark control solutions, remote trainers, pet doors, treats, toys, and a variety of food, water and waste management systems. We’re headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee and the PetSafe Village is just across the street!

Trainer Mike Shafer has been training puppies and dogs for PetSafe since the summer of 2009. I have a German Shepherd name Jiri. It is a russian name and I am a huge hockey fan so he is named after a hockey player. I enjoy working at PetSafe Village and RSC because they are a company dedicated to animal welfare, community service, and enriching pet owner experiences.


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